Meet Kevin

Certifications: ACE American Council on Exercise since 2006, Metabolic Training Certificate from Fitness Consulting Group since 2010 and TRX Suspension certified since 2012.

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We take all the guess work out for you, all you have to do is the work. I've had fantastic results with my programs and the Transformations above speaker for themself.  "The human body is truly amazing. With the proper knowledge it can overcome all kinds of obstacles. In fact that's exactly how I began my Fitness journey 15 yrs ago. After 20 yrs of Factory work my body was breaking down. I had low back surgery , thoracic spine degeneration , arthritis just to name a few . In fact it was so bad three Doctors told me I was 50% disabled . That propelled me into the Fitness business . I refused to sit home and take prescription medication . Through hard work ,fitness and nutrition I've overcome many obstacles , And you can too." -- Kevin Baker

About Us

Real Life Fitness is all about real straight forward answers to your questions based on Science and Real life application . No BS , no shortcuts, For the Natural Athlete or Fitness enthusiast. Whether the goal is Body fat loss, Bodybuilding , Woman's Body Sculpting, weight management , functional training, improving low back pain or Mobility . All programs are based on Science. Exercise is a Science and Science is how we bridge the gap between what works and what doesn't.