Samuel Antonio's experience:

Obesity, Sleep Apnea, high cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes were threatening my future. But in 2013 I met Kevin Baker and the journey to fitness began.

Perceptive and genuine in so many ways, Kevin customized a weekly regimen that transformed my entire outlook on exercise-- igniting a fire within me to achieve my goals. Weighing in at 225 yet clocking out at 155 speaks to the credibility of Kevin’s program. Within ten short months I went from pressing against the steering wheel to pressing against the cables. Through his persistence I learned how to balance a winning measure of cardio with resistance training. As a result of Kevin’s guidance the Sam I was intended to be was finally resurrected and the poster of despair I used to be became only a dim memory.

Three years later the prodigal pounds never returned. My blood work is rock solid and my medicine cabinet is bare. My kids have a father and my mirror has an audience. Thanks to Kevin my life has so much more now. More tank tops and less elastic waist pants. More time at the pool with my daughter and less sit ins at the buffet alone.

Recently my doctor told me that I was his greatest success. I would add that that honor really goes to Kevin. And because of a fateful encounter at the towel rack three years ago I have much more confidence in today and far less fear of tomorrow

Gretchen Berger testimonial:

I am a 46 year old mother of 3 and about to be a grandma! The most I have ever weighed was 250 lbs. at 211 lbs. I decided I needed to make a life style change. In 2014 I met Kevin Baker and started my training with him.

Kevin asked me what my goal was? I showed him a picture of a women body builder “ Jessie Hilgenberg” and I said I want to look like her. ..haha, right? But, Kevin said that it would take a lot of hard work and determination if that is what I truly wanted. It was Kevin’s inspiration and drive that fed my motivation to continuously push myself. He has taught me more than I could have imagined about weight training and eating properly. He provided me with meal plans, and if it wasn’t working we would sit down and make changes. You can tell how much this isn’t just a business to him, Kevin legitimately cares about every single one of his clients and shows you how to naturally live the best life you can by taking care of your body the right way.

Now, I can’t stop flexing in the mirror.

Sandy Calandra's thoughts:

I started working out with Kevin back in Feb 2012, right after I got married. I was an avid gym goer but needed someone to hold me accountable and make my workouts truly count. Not only has Kevin done this, he has also taught me how to eat better and fuel my body with the nutrients I need to have more energy throughout the day. Since I started working out with Kevin, I have dropped more than 15% body fat. I have become leaner and stronger. The past few years when I have gone to my doctor, she has said no need to do blood work because you can see that you are healthy and the working out is really helping because your heart rate and blood pressure are great!

Another positive to working out, is the confidence I have gained from becoming healthier. Prior to turning 40, I wanted to do something to prove to myself I have come a long way. I decided to train for the Tough Mudder. My goal was to (hopefully) complete the 13-mile course including obstacles in a reasonable amount of time, without letting my teammates down. Kevin developed a training program specifically designed to prepare me for the event. In a few months, I was Tough Mudder ready! I did complete the course in less than 4 hours earning my orange headband! I was super excited to have achieved such huge mental and physical challenge. I thank Kevin for getting me ready to physically compete and be successful!

My only regret for training with Kevin is that I didn't start sooner!!

Lauren Creans opinion:

I am 27 years old and I needed a serious lifestyle change when I met Kevin Baker. I suffer from severe migraines, low back pain, and two protrusions in my neck. I was eating all the wrong things, because of my very busy lifestyle. One of my biggest weaknesses was diet pop, I could sometimes drink a two liter in a day.

I told Kevin that I wanted to not feel so completely drained of energy and feel confident when I looked in the mirror!

I started working with Kevin 2 days a week in April and changed my diet completely. I have cut pop out of my diet and replaced it with Advocare Spark(one a day). I have seen incredible results in my overall health, appearance, energy level, and wellness. Fitness has now become a way of life for me. I'm so thankful for all Kevin has done for me! He has introduced me to the world of fitness and how it can forever change my life and yours! He never stops believing in me and I couldn't have come this far without him! I am feeling fit and sexy for the first time in a long time! Thank you Kevin Baker!

Frannie's thoughts:


Like many people, an approaching 50th birthday resulted in undeniable realizations. I was overweight and out of shape. My energy was low and my dress size was increasing every year. Annual physicals showed increased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and BMI. When I reached my highest weight ever of 160 lbs, I knew I needed to do something to turn my health around.
However, like many people, I didn’t know where to to lose weight, or especially how to exercise. I’ve always been intimidated in the gym, not knowing how to use the equipment, what exercises to do or how to do them properly. I lacked confidence to even show up and use anything more than the cardio equipment.
Working out with Kevin Baker for the last three years has changed all that. With Kevins help, I have transformed my body and, as a result, my overall health, energy levels and self confidence. I look better, but far more importantly, I feel better both physically and emotionally. 
I trained with several other trainers before I found Kevin. I’ve observed even more. I know what makes him more effective. Fitness, training, and nutrition is not just a job, or a way of life for Kevin, it’s his passion, and he genuinely loves sharing it with others. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and is continuously learning about the latest trends, scientific research and approaches to healthy living. He builds a relationship with every client that relies on two way communication to make sure his training approach is customized to each clients individual goals, abilities and comfort levels. 
What does this mean for you? 
First and foremost, he will keep you safe and injury free. He patiently teaches proper form for every exercise so that you gain the maximum benefit and can do them on your own correctly. He isn’t distracted during your workout, never on his cell phone or talking to other people. He is focused on you, your form, your breathing and how you are reacting to every rep so that he can adjust as necessary. 
He will keep you motivated, challenged and interested. He creates customized training circuits for every client and he mixes them up so that you never perform the same workout twice. Ever. In the three years Kevin has trained me, we have never done the same workout. As you become more fit and more capable, he incrementally and carefully pushes you further. Whether you are a young athlete, a middle aged Mom, or  heading into your golden years, Kevin has a training program that will work for you.
He encourages honest two way communication and he really listens. He wants every workout to meet your expectations, your goals. He begins every workout with a check in about your previous workout. He will ask you how you felt about your last workout....what did you like, what didn’t you like, are you sore...too sore, etc. 
He takes a holistic balanced approach to your health. His training doesn’t just focus on strength, but on flexibility, balance and overall mobility. His approach doesn’t just focus on exercise, but on nutrition and stress management as well. 
In summary, at age 52, I feel healthier, stronger and more confident than I have my entire life. Kevin has been my partner in this transformation. I couldn’t have done it without him.


             Real Life Fitness is all about real straight forward answers to your questions based on Science and Real life application . No BS , no shortcuts, for the Natural Athlete or Fitness enthusiast. 

            Whether the goal is Body fat loss, Bodybuilding , Woman's Body Sculpting, weight management , functional training, improving low back pain or Mobility . All programs are based on Science. Exercise is a Science and Science is how we bridge the gap between what works and what doesn't. We take all the guess work out for you, all you have to do is the work. I've had fantastic results with my programs and the Transformations below speak for them selves . The human body is truly amazing. With the proper knowledge it can overcome all kinds of obstacles. In fact that's exactly how I began my Fitness journey 15 yrs ago.

            After 20 yrs of Factory work my body was breaking down. I had low back surgery , thoracic spine degeneration , arthritis just to name a few . In fact it was so bad three Doctors told me I was 50% disabled. That propelled me into the Fitness business . I refused to sit home and take prescription medication . Through hard work ,fitness and nutrition I've overcome many obstacles , And you can two.